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Classification of EDL Casters
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According to the  usage scenarios, EDL casters can be divided into two categories: Industrial General Casters and Industrial Special Casters.    

According to the load bearing, Industrial General Casters can be divided into mini casters, light casters, medium casters,  heavy casters and extra-heavy casters.    

Mini casters are subdivided into 20  series, 22 series and 26 series    

Light casters are subdivided into 33  series, 36 series and 37 series    

Medium casters are subdivided into 50  series, 55 series, 57 series, 64 series, and 67 series 

Heavy casters are subdivided into 73  series, 77 series and 78 series    

Extra-heavy casters are subdivided into  93 series and 95 series.

According to the use environment, Industrial Special Casters are divided into:    

Furniture casters    

Stainless steel casters    

Hi-temp resistant caster    

Hi-steam caster    

Anti-winding caster    

Conductive caster    

Anti-electrostatic caster    

Leveling caster    

Low gravity machine caster    

Full plastic wheel    

Hi-speed caster    

Medical twin-wheels caster    

Medical using caster    

Forklift caster, etc.   

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