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EDL Hi-temperature casters come back
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Recently, EDL medium duty hi-temperature caster officially returned, with two kinds of temperature resistance of 210 ℃ and 268 ℃(≤6  hours), meeting the requirements of different environments.

The bracket of EDL medium duty hi-temperature caster formed by stamping steel plate, plate thickness 4 millimeter, bracket thickness 2.5 millimeter, Zinc coating. The wheel is made of HP hi-temperature resistant nylon, which is wear-resistant, anti-collision, anti-chemical corrosion, and can adapt to special environment such as humidity and high temperature. There are three specifications of wheel diameter: 75mm (3 inches), 100mm (4 inches) and 125mm (5 inches).


In addition, EDL extra-heavy duty hi-temperature casters will soon come back, please look forward to it.

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