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  • Profile of President Hujianxing
    Hu Jian Xing, old name of Hulin Hong, was born in 1964 in a small island surrounded by the sea, where there were around 500 residents.  It was too remote to be approached by vehicles. Only taking ferry of over 1hour is working, even so far. Hu Jian Xing has a "dream" of owning his company though he is aware of difficulties he will meet with. In order to remind ourselves to adhere to convictions, he renamed as Hu Jian Xing.
    Although running business is only successful for full preparation and he has nothing, he didn’t give up. He believed a successful business has three conditions: ability, project and material resources. Projects can be chosen and material resources can be borrowed, but how about ability? To learn is the only answer! Since then, he firstly chose to study and running business is the secondary choice.
    First of all, learnt accounting. In 1980, at the age of 16, he was the accountant of the village-running factory and travelled frequently to run a business. After three years, he decided to resign, even an accounting work was respected profession and many people didn’t understand him.
    Secondly, learnt technology. In 1983, he was 19 and was learning machinery technology in an electrical instrument and meter plant in Yu Huan Village. He was working hard, involved in reading related books with most of his monthly 38yuan earning and learning from experienced masters. With less than one year, he became one of the technological elites and the shop manager.
    Thirdly, learnt management. 1985, Hu of the age of 21 took the position as the manufactory manager in Qingjiang Factory in Wenzhou. Over the period of his reassignment, he still worked over two nights till his duties were completed. His boss was very moving persuaded him. But he didn’t choose to stay because of his dream.
    Fourthly, business started. After 6 years of theory and practical study, he had the basic ability of running a company. Meanwhile, he had over 20 ideal products from a market survey in 1986. Finally trundle, unnoticeable but worth searching was the starter of his business. Then, he collected 24 thousand yuan and rented a factory of 40 square meters. In 1987, he eventually started his business on 5th July after this three elements were ready.
    Study is the power to develop a company and the premise of innovation is study. Hu has developed a habit of learning. In 1983, he participated in mechanical design professional courses of Yucheng Secondary in Yuhuan (EV) for one year; in 1992 to participated in the School of management (full-time) of Zhejiang Township Management School for one year; in 1998 together with the enterprise management , he was studing in the Zhejiang Institute of Industrial Management; in 2004 participated in the Zhejiang EMB University for one and a half year and he got professional managers qualification after the training of professional managers; in 2008, he went to Luban class of Zhejiang University and was awarded the outstanding students; lastly he was studying capital operation and advanced training classes in Zhejiang University in 2011 and other courses as well.
    With what he had learnt and business experience of decades, he developed a series of enterprise management training courses in more than 300 thousand words for the management leaders of his clients, classmates and friends. The course has 12 sections and everone goes like 3 and he was invited to give a lecture in Zhejing University, Ningbo University and Taizhou University.

    History of development
    History of Hu’s company underwent three periods.
    First period: primary period from 1987 to 1991. For some reasons, a stock company was unable to registered and only Yuhuan Mixi trundle with the collective nature could do. It was established on July 5, 1987 with his sisters, a master and a trainee, four staff working there. He rented a factory of 40 square meters, invested 24,000 yuan to buy two punches and trial production equipment and started the manufactory of furniture caster products with these. After six months of constant experiments, he finally succeed but was in a heavy debt. In order to expand the market, he experienced difficulties even life safety threats. When he had a business trip, the bus turned over to the cliff over three meters deep, fortunately no one died. Lacking n money, he often booked train ticket after 11 and slept on it, and drank tap water and ate bread when he was hungry.
    Second period: development period from 1992 to 2003.
    After several years of hard working, the company has been developing rapidly. In 1992, on a requisition land of 2,000 square meters, he set up a factory of over 1200 m2 and changed the company changed its name to " Yuhuan Yongxing trundle Co., Ltd. With the development of enterprise, the company was registered in a trademark “Yulun” and was able to manufacture industrial trundle with staff increasing to over 40 and equipment increasing to 30. With broadening and deepening domestic and foreign markets, the company's products had good reputation. There was a slogan going like “Yuhuan is the one you can go for when you are looking for trundle. ” Then the trademark was renamed as "EDL", which means easily pushing and uneasily being forgotten.
    Third period: growth period from 2003 to present——building up a modern trundle manufactory company.
    1.    Expand the production base. In 2003, 30 acres of land was been borrowed with investment of more than 20 million yuan, and the land of more than 20,000 square meters was used to build factory which was opened in May of 2004.
    2.    To become an international enterprise. The company changed its name to Zhejiang effective Casters Co., Ltd., registered in the new "EDL" trademark, then expanded to more than 20 countries abroad, becoming an international brand.
    3.    Increase technological input. New production equipment of more than 70 increased with an advanced production ability of daily 20,000 trundles. Configured hardness tester, salt spray test machine, the line testing machine, impact testing machine, apprehensive testing machine were equipped.
    4.    The establishment of modern enterprise management mechanism. Through the use of modern management methods, the innovation of the management system, staff were encouraged to being creative and proactive and develop all departments of the company. Staff increased to 120 including 30 junior colleges graduates and 20 experienced technical masters.
    5.    Continuous research and new products development. Developed more than 20 series and over 2000 varieties of high-grade casters; won 20 national patents, many of which were invention patents, utility model patents. In 2012 company was identified as the advanced provincial science and technology enterprise and in 2013 was identified as one of the high-tech enterprise.
    6.    Product quality control. When managing employees and suppliers well, three elements were well controlled: buyer factory, product number and product specifications. During the process of product manufactory, the factory carried out first seizure, self-test, mutual inspection, round inspection and final inspection, these five strict controlling aspects. In 2002 the company passed the ISO9000 international quality system certification; in 2005 passed the SGS test in line with European standards; in 2008 passed the ISO14000 international environment system certification.

  • Company culture

    1.    mission: To push with less effort
    2.    Vision: To become the best caster manufacturer in China
    3.    Purpose: Win-win
           In terms of relations with investors, partners, customers, managers, operators and employees, win-win only can be realized through the mechanism of innovation and develop together.
    4.    The spirit of enterprise: [Wu ben ● Xiangshang]
           Wu: Be realistic
           Ben: Be honest
           Xiang: Make a progress
           Shang: Be Innovative    
    5.    Style: [Just do it!]
           Be proactive, be careful and be persistent.
           Try to satisfy people and yourself.
           Be able to take responsibilities.
           Be efficient.
           Be professional.
    6.    Concepts:
            (1) Core concept: [To be NO. 1 and develop together]
                     To be No. 1: everyone should be No. 1 in order to realize career, time and life needs, which should be every worker’s goal.
                     Develop together: work with employees, experts, and partners with their peers
            (2) Management philosophy: [highly efficient]
                    Manager should try to make efforts to improve efficiency.            
            (3) Business philosophy: [value-added]
                     Operating a business requires an integration of resources, value creation. 
            (4) Service concept: [Be pleasure]
                     The service is a customer-centric and expands based on the core value. Being pleasure is how satisfied clients react.
            (5) Philosophy of quality: [Be sure]
                  Meet the requirements of customers with 100% heart.
                  Given is stable, be stable.
            (6) Philosophy of employment: [Be best]
                     We welcome moral talents with high integrity.
    7.    The core concept:
             (1) About life: be positive, be capable, be patient and be flexible.
             (2) About management: management knowledge, team building, effective communication and strict execution
             (3) About system construction: system concept, system construction

  • Company Planning

    In 2011 the company has set up a new development strategy and formulated updating planning and strategy.
    1.    Company construction: Point → line → three-dimensional, development expansion from the product line to the business line, including economic and trade cooperation, brand management, franchise execution, corporate training; development from branches to specialty boutiques, including industry casters (such as food, medical, chemical, furniture, etc.), carts, support legs; expansion from branches to channel marketing, including network, chaining, direct sales, distributors and etc.
    2.    Transformation of business model: one-to-one → cooperation. Strengthen the concept of win-win cooperation with customers, distributors and suppliers and build up a sense of corporate belonging. 
    3.    Management upgrade: Human Resources Management → the scientific management → humanities management. Corporate culture oriented, based on the mainstream social values, vigorously tap the internal cultural elements, create a proactive, sincere and trustworthy environment, and build a team with self-management, self-restraint, self-development.
    4.    Employees upgrade: physical staff → knowledgeable workers. Increase training efforts to expand the coverage of training, promote ideologically the ability of hard work, innovation and steadily making progress in order to be able to adapt to staff team of the modern production and management.
    5.    Product upgrade: object → carrier. Make products with high quality of moral and regard the product as a classic symbol of the times, and strive to build the product image as a beautiful memory of each era.
    6.    Tool upgrade: Manual → semiautomatic → automated. Introduce domestic and foreign advanced equipment with automated transformation in order to realize intensiveness, simplicity, efficiency, standardization, implementation of industrial restructuring and upgrading.
    7.    Branding upgrade: Mark → brand. Enhance enterprise culture, embody the spirit of enterprise and expand brand reputation to increase enterprise integrity.
    8.    Supporting system upgrade: trading → cooperation.
    After its 20 golden years and unswaying efforts, "EDL" is becoming more professional and more influential. "EDL" employees have more determination, confidence and more ability to make "EDL" as the most competitive, most valuable caster brand. “EDL” employees will keep striving for their dreams with high requirements for themselves and believing all goals of “EDL” will and must be realized in the future!